The Smiling Canines Philosophy

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Because You Love Your Pet

Our mission is to bring your loved ones a safer more hoslistic dental hygine option, that doesn't rely on anesthesia or sedation.


Our thorough cleanings are finished with an advanced speed polisher, which is crucial to the integrity of tooth enamal. We know how much you love your pet and we take every precaution to make sure they are comfortable, calm and at ease during their entire visit with Smiling Canines

Welcome to the Future of Pet Dental Care for Cats and Dogs

We are proud to offer an affordable, state of the art, ultrasonic cleaning method that can limit the potential for costly and painful dental procedures, while reducing the cause of periodontal disease.


Bad breathe and stained teeth are not only unappealing but may be symptoms of serious gum disease that can shorten the life span of your pet!


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